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11/10 Three Harp Night: 7:30pm Couth Buzzard
11/12 Creative Music Free Impro: 2pm Couth Buzzard
11/16 Scrambler at Music Lab: 7:30pm Vermillion

11/19 Special Event! Redshift Trio: 7:30pm Royal Room
Not me, be there for Josh Deutsch & co!

Not Too Distant Past

Dance/Musician Impro: Fuck It, We'll Do It LIVE 9/13 Open Flight Studio
Creative Music Free Impro/Guest Set 9/10 Couth Buzzard Books
Women's Rockin' Blues Jam 9/8, Salmon Bay Eagles
Poetry Event: Duo w/ Leanna Keith 8/23 Ophelia's Books
Spontanea @ Olympia Jazz Festival 7/8
Music Laboratory/Scrambler 6/15 7/20 8/17 Vermillion
Guest with Nikolett Pankovits/Juancho Herrera 6/11 - Garden Concert Bellevue
Levitation - Right Brain Showcase 6/10 Chapel Performance Space

Three Harps Night 2/24 Couth Buzzard
Duo with Christian Pincock 2/16 Music Laboratory at Vermillion
A Scrambler Valentine 2/13 Royal Room
Free Impro 2/12 Couth Buzzard
Levin/Filler Duo: Poetry Night 2/11 Bulldog News

Solo set (Open for Dennis Rea) 1/20/23 Chapel Performance Space
Table & Chairs Holiday Benefit 12/18/22 Cafe Racer
Scrambler at the Chapel: Earshot Jazz Festival
Levin & Ziefel - Reproductive Rights Benefit 8/26/22 Couth Buzzard
Scrambler at Vermillion 5/19/22
Levin & Bentley 4/1/22 Couth Buzzard Jazz First Fridays
Caroline Kraabel 4/21/22 Wayward Music Series, Chapel Performance Space
Bentley/Campbell/Levin 3/19/22 Chapel Performance Space

Scrambler at Vermillion 3/17/2022
Spontanea & violinist Kirill Polyanskiy 11/21

CHA Trio recorded for Earshot Second Century 10/28/20
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