Carol J Levin

   electric harp, percussion

Heather Bentley

   violin, viola, electronics

Amelia Love Clearheart/the Indigo 

   spontaneous poet, vocalist, dancer

   With loops and effects in synergistic, immediate performance from tender to wild.

   CHA's album,
Remembering Backward, released January 2020

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   CHA podcast (Right Brain Records)


A collective of four Seattle-based improvisers of diverse backgrounds and influences.
Matt Benham (guitar, effects), Carol J Levin (electric harp, kalimba, percussion) , Kenny Mandell (woodwinds, percussion) and Scott Schaffer (bass, mandola).

More an improvising framework than a band, Spontanea recorded its first album, Flow, in  2018,  
a freewheeling tapestry of quartets, trios, duets and solos linked together in a single narrative.

A second album is soon to be released in 2020.


 Flow: Digital Album (Bandcamp)     Digital Album (CD Baby)

 Spontanea podcast (Right Brain Records) 


Carol J Levin joins Scrambler on electric harp, effects and small percussion, as a regular member of this rotating large ensemble directed by Christian Pincock, employing Soundpainting gestural conducting language.


Carol J Levin: electric harp, effects, small percussion
Don Berman: 
percussion, digital tanpura

Dick Valentine: flutes, electronics

Matthew Benham: guitar, effects

An improvising quartet exploring original collaborations . Featuring a range of styles including meditative music inspired by sources such as Pharaoh Sanders and Alice Coltrane.

The Likes Of

Carol J Levin

   electric harp

Jenny Ziefel

   clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophones

Schraepfer Harvey 

   Drums, percussion

Reinterpreting jazz and classical standards, with wacky impro moments